Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A comparaison of heterosexual and homosexual behaviour

From a study abstract (formatted for easier reading):


Sexual debut occurred earlier among MSM than heterosexuals. MSM reported longer cumulative lifetime periods of new partner acquisition than heterosexuals and a more gradual decline in new partnership formation with age.

Among MSM, 86% of 18- to 24-year-olds and 72% of 35- to 39-year-olds formed a new partnership during the previous year, compared with 56% of heterosexual men and 34% of women at 18-24 years, and 21% and 10%, respectively, at 35-39 years.

MSM were also more likely to choose partners >5 years older and were 2-3 times as likely as heterosexuals to report recent concurrent partnerships.

MSM reported more consistent condom use during anal sex than heterosexuals reported during vaginal sex.


MSM have longer periods of partnership acquisition, a higher prevalence of partnership concurrency, and more age disassortative mixing than heterosexuals.

These factors likely help to explain higher HIV/sexually transmitted infections rates among MSM, despite higher levels of condom use.

But the oft-mentioned promiscuity has nothing to do with the nature of male homosexuality. Nothing.what.so.ever.

Common sense would discourage early sexual debut and promiscuity, and offer to those who are so inclined a therapy to repair the emotional damage at the root of homosexual feelings.

But political correctness trumps common sense.

So instead the focus will be on "sero-sorting". Same early age of sexual engagement, same promiscuity. Just with people of the same HIV status. As if that will stop the proliferation of HIV and other STD's.