Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why statism is not the answer to social problems

An anecdote from Lowell Green illustrates the point:

I suspect what happened to one of my favorite uncles many years ago is the best illustration of why we can't seem to solve the homeless problem, or the drug problem, or the health care problem, or any social problem.

Ken Green for several years was the Executive Director of the London, Ontario, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Research Foundation.  It was a good job, well-paid with lots of prestige and security for the father of a growing family.  One day Ken just walked out of his office and never came back.  He took a hike up to Northern Ontario and started a maple syrup operation, something he had no experience with whatsoever.  He was struggling mightily to make ends meet when I went up to see him one day.  "Ken, " I asked, "what in the world were you thinking, leaving a job like that?" I'll never forget his answer. "Lowell, we became experts at holding wonderful conferences, meetings and discussions. We met with experts of all kinds and our workshops were the envy of many.  The only problem was, when a drunk walked through our doors looking for helpp we had no idea how to deal with him. "

Taken from Here's Proof Only We Conservatives Have Our Heads Screwed on Straight, by Lowell Green, p. 118