Friday, May 04, 2012

The wisdom of Margaret Somerville on Abortion

Margaret Somerville:

Legal protection does not require giving rights to an unborn child, or recognizing him or her as a person, or even that the child is human. We use the Criminal Code to protect from cruelty kittens and puppies and baby seals, which have none of these attributes. Surely, we have at least similar obligations to unborn children.


As to the argument that the unborn child is not a human being, it is a living being and it’s human, which indicates that it’s a “human being.” A process of elimination results in the same conclusion: an unborn child is not any other species, and it’s not a fantasy or a hallucination.

Many people think Margaret Somerville is pro-life.

She`s not. She supports abortion in the first trimester.

The thing is, notwithstanding of her support for over 90% of abortions, the pro-abortion crowd calls her "anti-choice".

They are that dumb

It's true that Margaret Somerville shows up whenever any kind of moderate fetus-related bill makes the news.

That's because Margaret Somerville is closer to the Canadian consensus than either the pro-life or the pro-abortion side.