Monday, June 18, 2012

Profile of the Founder of Show The Truth in Canada

I think it's too bad that there isn't a concise history of the pro-life movement. I think pro-lifers need to learn what was done before, to learn what works and what doesn't and to honour those who have gone before.

One of those people is Rosemary Connell, founder of Show the Truth.

Rosemary has been involved in the pro-life movement from the beginning of abortion's rampant assault on children in the early 1970's. She took her own children in strollers to the annual March for Life. She was involved in Operation Rescue when the outcry against abortion was enough to compel people to block the abortuary's doors.

Well, the outcry of a handful of a few pro-lifers was enough to block clinics.

Most pro-lifers were left dazed by the progression of abortion and didn't know what to do about it.

Abortion clinic blockades were not terribly effective because once all the main people were in prison, there was no one left to do it.

Sidewalk counseling, which is legal and less dramatic, is far more effective and compassionate.

We've evolved as a movement since those days.