Monday, June 18, 2012

Unofficial Statement from the Family Coalition Party on Euthanasia Decision

Unofficial comes from the facebook group. I just thought it was relevant:

FCP Ontario is indeed troubled by the recent BC ruling regarding the approval of assisted suicide for Ms. Gloria Taylor. Ms. Taylor and others who share similar stories of endurance through pain are certainly due the utmost in compassion and care, but a change to law that so drastically alters the understanding and value of life- to the point where the spectre of legalized euthanasia and elder abuse is an acknowledged possibility even among proponents of the change- is a dangerous move that will, in the current progression of things, make it more difficult to preserve life than to end it.

When you allow the medical system to kill, it will want to kill more and more, in order to take the path of least resistance and save money. Don't deny it. It's human nature for us to reason according to what's easy and not what's true.