Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Parents: Please Give Your Kids Normal Names

I saw this article about bad baby names (language warning!) at Sobering Thoughts.

I plead with expectant parents reading this:

Please, please, please give your kid a normal name.

What constitutes "normal"? It's so subjective. Common names. Traditional Names. Names with a pedigree (i.e. it has a positive history).
Weird spellings, names of objects, names that make you look illiterate, that have no cultural connection (i.e. made up!), please: ditch them.

At my house, when I am expecting, this is a test I perform to see if a name is acceptable: does this sound like the name of someone who could obtain a PhD in a credible subject? (E.g. physics or history as opposed to anything ending in  "Studies").

I realize that not everyone aspires to obtain a PhD. But your kid's name doesn't have to send the message he's too dumb to get one.