Monday, July 09, 2012

The problem with pro-choice abortion pics

Is that they do not explain what happens to the embryo during the abortion.

Pro-choicers call pro-life pics of aborted fetuses "propaganda."

As if calling them propaganda makes them untrue!

The problem with pro-choice pics is that they do not attempt to show what an aborted fetus looks like.

Yes, when you abort an embryo or a fetus in the first trimester, by volume, you will get more placenta and other blood products than you will an unborn child. A container of suctioned "products of conception" in the first trimester will contain more red "goop" than fetus.

However, if you examine the remnants closely, you will see identifiable body parts.

If you examine it closely. Which pro-choicers never do.

Which is why their efforts to counter pro-life pics are misleading.

Because they do not compare apples and oranges.

Nobody is too concerned about what happens to non-fetal pregnancy tissue.

Abortions are not disgusting because they suction placenta.

Abortions are disgusting because they dismember fetuses.

We know there's a fetus in a pregnancy.

Pro-choice pics never seek to answer the question: what happens to the fetus during an abortion?

That's why their efforts are bound to backfire.

They're trying to pretend as if pro-life pics are misleading because they focus on the dead human being.

If pro-choice pics don't focus on the dead human being, if they don't seek to answer the mystery of what abortion does to the unborn, then it won't effectively counter pro-life efforts.

Because people will wake up to the fact that showing a gestational sac doesn't explain what happens to the embryo inside it.

What poor-choicers try to do at all costs is steer the debate away from the unborn child.

Because as soon as the welfare of the unborn child enters the picture, they know their cause is sunk.

So their abortion pics are created to say "See? Look, no unborn child there."

Anyone who bothers to research the issue knows that's bunk.

Besides, a number of people who deal with abortion have already stated that the abortion pics are authentic. ("Anti-choicers hold up posters of what I see in pathology.")