Monday, August 27, 2012

Duck Fetus Eating Contest Proves Biological Point


Dozens of intrepid eaters and an audience of hundreds gathered on Friday to celebrate balut, essentially a boiled duckling fetus still in its egg.


"Once you crack it open, there is basically a soup in it and you crack it open, you drink that soup and then you eat the yolk and inside you see a baby duckling.

"Sometimes you might get lucky and you might find one that has a few feathers, a little bit of a beak on it, but you do see a little embryo and that's the part that you eat along with the yolk and the soup."


"You can feel the feathers and then like feel a little bit of the bone. It's a little bit crunchy. But honestly, I wasn't even thinking. I was just shoving it in my mouth," said Jill, who managed eight eggs.


"I didn't think about the little animal I was eating," he said.

Did you notice how no one engaged in any verbal gymnastics about how it wasn't a duck, but a potential duck?

If it looks like a's a duck.