Monday, August 27, 2012

Weed makes you stupid:Study

This is your brain on drugs
This is your brain on drugs
The New Scientist:

The study showed that those who developed the most persistent dependence on the drug showed the greatest subsequent decline in IQ, losing 6 points on average regardless of how early the habit began. Within that group, those who began taking the drug before their 18th birthday saw a subsequent decline in IQ of 8 points, on average.

Furthermore, friends and relatives close to the persistent cannabis users reported that these users had more everyday memory and attention problems, including forgetting to pay bills and misplacing common items like keys and wallets.


I'm totally shocked!

I never would have anticipated such a result. Ever.

And in case adults feel they are safe:

But the good news is that people who picked up their drug habit after their 18th birthday did not suffer such severe cognitive decline.

I.E. it still makes you stupid.

Let's legalize it. What harm could possibly come from widely accessible drugs that make you stupid?