Friday, August 31, 2012

National Atheist Party Cancels Convention Due To Lack Of Funding

Little Girl Crying
Boyle blames a lack of donations and sponsors, along with several prominent people backing out of the convention.

“The plain fact of the matter is that we have to cancel the event and spend more time and careful planning to make our 2013 convention a solid and better organized success,” Boyle said. “I am disappointed and disheartened, certainly, as I’m sure you all are, but I’m also committed to learning the lessons of this ‘failure to launch.’”

The party – which was founded in March 2011 – states on its website that it “is a Constitutional movement dedicated to the preservation of the Founding Fathers’ vision of a secular nation.” Officials hope to develop it into a full-fledged political party.

Ah, atheist dominionists engaging in revisionist American History. :)