Friday, August 31, 2012

California Wants Non-Doctors to Do Abortions

Only a three per cent complication rate, huh?

Oh s***, I perforated your uterus. Now what? I'll go get the doctor...

From another article:

The bill extends a study run by University of California, San Francisco, that evaluates the safety and effectiveness of allowing certain non-doctor medical providers to provide abortions. The study that began in 2007 has nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physicians assistants performing aspiration abortions throughout California, Kehoe said. The goal is to increase access to the procedure in parts of the state where doctors are scarce.

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Question: why would nurses, nurse-practioners and physicians assistants want to do abortions, but not doctors?

I suspect it's because the doctors in those parts of the state don't have enough patients to make enough money.