Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ontario Human Rights Commission: You Can't Bash Addicts

You can't make this crap up. Well okay, in this day and age, maybe you could:
Well, if you badmouth drug addicts when speaking about the proposed clinic at a public meeting next week, the City of London could end up in hot water.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is warning the city it could violate the Ontario Human Rights Act if people speak ill of addicts at the Tuesday meeting.

Methadone treatment would qualify as an addiction, which is a disability under the (Ontario human rights) code,” Rosemary Bennett, a spokesperson for the commission, said Friday.

We’re not being the thought police, but we are saying the city has a responsibility to not put a system in place that encourages discriminatory conduct.”

The meeting wil be held at Hillside Church.

I'd be tempted to attend just to bash heroin addicts and affirm my freedom of expression.

Not bash heroin addicts? Really?

And the meeting in a church. That sounds like tribunal-bait if I ever saw any...