Friday, August 31, 2012

Six Factors Pro-Lifers Must Address if They Hope to Make Progress in Canada.

There are probably a hundred factors or more, but I'll keep it to six...
  1. Quebec Flag


    There’s an election going on in Quebec right now. Abortion is not an issue. Not one sitting member of the National Assembly is pro-life.

    I rest my case.

    The Canadian pro-life movement must invest in Quebec the way it has invested in youth and churches. Language and culture may be a barrier. We must find a way to overcome it. Where there’s a will there’s a way

  2. Caduceus

    The Medical Establishment

    As long as doctors want abortion to be legal, it will be legal. They will use their authority to present their version of the medical "facts". Somehow we must begin a dialogue with the medical establishment. The “debate” should not only be in Parliament.

  3. Sacred Heart Church Edmonton, Alberta


    Inside the Canadian Bible belts-- Southwestern Ontario, Alberta, Interior BC-- the pro-life message is alive. In much of Canada it’s completely absent. The potential is great, and the manpower is there. If we could just reach them.

  4. Couple in Amsterdam

    The Sexual Culture

    Just as secular people think it’s impossible to save sex for marriage, many pro-lifers think it’s impossible to convert people to a more chaste point of view. This overlooks the function of abortion: to enable a sexually promiscuous culture. If we don’t change people’s minds about sex, we won’t change people’s minds about abortion.

  5. Cultural Relevance

    This is extremely important. Listen up.

    Did you ever notice that Jews and homosexuals have a disproportionate influence on the culture? That’s because among them are a number of creative geniuses active in every field of mediatic and artistic endeavour.

    We must produce our creative geniuses, too.

    I’m not necessarily talking about creating overtly pro-life works, although we need those too.

    The pro-life point of view can seep through a movie or a book that has nothing to do with abortion.

  6. Smiling Baby

    Beauty and Joy

    One thing that turns people off to our message is that the buzz around it is constantly negative. The abortion debate conjures up images of screaming matches and bloody fetuses.

    No doubt that abortion is ugly and leads to ugly debates.

    We need to offset the harshness with imagery that is beautiful and inspiring; that will make people want to join us instead of being argued into joining us.