Saturday, September 01, 2012

This is going on your PERMANENT RECORD: Archbishop to Priest Involved in SSM

Principal Skinner pulling out Milhous' permanent record
That'll learn 'im!

Because the threat of mentions on one's permanent record sure stopped many would-be juvenile in grade school.

I get the distinct impression this rebuke is done for show because he went public, not because he opposed Catholic doctrine.

As Catholic in Brooklyn writes:

Father DeVito's cousin is in danger of eternity in hell fire. A Catholic priest should in no way lend his presence to such an abomination. A rebuke that is a permanent part of the record? No, I don't think so. Father DeVito knew this was wrong. He should not have been there
Maybe pro-lifers are a bit optimistic in expecting bishops to discipline wayward Catholic politicians if this is how priests are disciplined for their lack of orthodoxy.

H/T: The Deacon's Bench