Saturday, September 01, 2012

September 6th is Pro-Life Chalk Day

Bring your friends!

With a handful of chalk and an arsenal of pro-life slogans, you can leave a lasting impression on hundreds or even thousands of people.
Step 1: Pick up sidewalk chalk (Walmart, drug stores, young siblings)
Step 2: Collect your pro-life friends (this is optional, but helpful)
Step 3: Find a heavily trafficked public area
Step 4: Chalk short pro-life messages in large letters everywhere

Example Messages You Can Use:

“Abortion Hurts Women”
“Women Need Love Not Abortion”
“Restore Preborn Rights”
“Human Rights for ALL: Born & Preborn”
“Heartbeat at 21 Days”
“Social Justice Begins in the Womb”
“Adoption Not Abortion”
“Love them both”
“End Womb Lynching”
“Abortion = Preborn Genocide”
“Abortion is Racist”
“True Feminists are Pro-Life”
“Peace Begins in the Womb”
“Planned Parenthood Protects Rapists”
“Pro-choice = No-choice”
“End the War on Preborn Children”
“Women Regret Abortion”
“Equal Rights for Preborn People”
Draw 3500 baby feet or hearts and chalk  “Abortion Stops 3500 Hearts Every Day.”
Some Tips:
  • Don’t get discouraged if your “artwork” is scuffed or washed off by haters – that means they saw it!
  • Place messages at different angles and perspectives, so foot traffic from every direction will catch a glimpse
  • Keep the messages short and succinct; you only have a brief moment to get your point across – make it count!
  • Use bright or pastel colors like pink, blue, white, and yellow