Friday, September 28, 2012

Who's Behind Justin Trudeau?

Liberal Party of Canada logo
I've been asking this question to myself for many weeks now.

Why are people touting Justin Trudeau as the next leader of the Liberal Party?

And by that I mean: who are the politicos who are backing his leadership bid?

I know the media want him to win. They all want a return to Trudeaumania for ratings, and because  they want a leftist in power.

But  who are the political bigwigs gunning for him to be leader?

I thought I didn't know because I didn't follow party politics closely enough.

I've asked this question on my facebook. Lots of comments, but no answers.

Then I had this conversation with my husband last night. And he reads all the papers.

He is just as confounded by this question as I am.

I realized: if he didn't know, neither did the average Canadian

I find it rather curious that no one seems to be raising this issue.

What has he done to merit all this attention? He's like the Barack Obama of Canadian politics. He got elected on his good looks and his Dad's name and he hasn't shown any leadership on any policy file. Has he won any political victories? No. Has he contributed to the market of ideas? No.

Who are the people who think this man has leadership potential? What are their motives for wanting him to be leader? He is unproven as a leader. So they must be either really bad political strategists (who will govern Canada accordingly) or perhaps they have their puppet.

When you examine the situation.... it doesn't look right.