Friday, October 19, 2012

I regret my.... pro-life activism?

Note this is more about a mother's authoritarian exercise of her faith than the Canadian pro-life movement itself.

If I could speak to my now long-dead mother now, I might ask her why she let us do this? It destroyed our already fractured family. All we did was obsess over "the cause" and it ate up every weekend and all our free time. It became our focus and it was as though a stranger had moved into our lives.

I find it very ironic that a spokesperson of the Socialist Party of Canada denounces the pro-life movement as controlling.

And here is where we contrast:

Painting a false portrait of abortion rights activists is key to their movement.

Several paragraphs down, referring to pro-lifers:

Their vision is of a world where women are happy breeders, at home making dinner and raising their children, fulfilled by their duty as baby-makers with no selfish thoughts of education, career or personal achievement.

No false picture there!

The irony of the whole piece is that it is just as propagandistic as she claims pro-lifers are.

In closing, I would also like for you to consider the story of Merle Terlesky, a former Communist Party member and pro-choice activist, who had a conversion experience and became pro-life. He was there when Operation Rescue did their rescues in Toronto.

He now regrets his pro-abortion activism:

“I was an activist, a protestor and a clinic escort. I would take women through the crowds so that they could have their abortion. I had a dozen women in my front room once, waiting to go into the clinic. They were crying, saying they didn’t want to go through with it. We encouraged them, told them to be brave and have it done.”

He pauses. “Very hard for me to remember that now, the fact that I put pressure on them. That we all put pressure on them to do what I now see was so wrong.”