Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seven Catholic Buzzwords That Need to Be Resurrected

A follow-up to this post.

One of the reasons these words have lost their currency is that when professional Catholics talk about they faith, they focus on interpersonal relationships and your experience with there here-and-now. They don't have much to say about anything related to personal holiness and the after-life.

  1. Repentance

  2. Mortification

  3. Offering it Up

  4. Sanctification

  5. Merit

  6. Sacred Tradition 

  7. One of my huge pet peeves. Note: The universal historical witness of the Church on apostolic teachings is equivalent to Scripture. That's one reason why we oppose abortion even if there is no mention of it in the Bible.

  8. Any Word from Thomism

  9. My other huge pet peeve. How do we expect Catholics to understand Catholic doctrine wihout understanding words like nature, substance, accidents, order of creation and the like?