Tuesday, October 02, 2012

M408: Feminists Won't Support It Because Then...They'd Agree with Pro-Lifers

Fetus at 31 weeks gestation
On September 27th, MP Mark Warawa introduced a private member's motion to condemn sex-selection abortion. It asks the MP's to affirm:

That the House condemn discrimination against females occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination.

That's it.

It doesn't criminalize sex-selection abortion.

It doesn't ask the House to agree to criminalize sex-selection abortions.

It doesn't ask the House to take any measures to stop these abortions.

It simply asks MP's to condemn these types of abortions.

Pro-life has found some common ground with those who support legal abortion.

You can be against abortions, but ultimately in favour of their legality, right? Poor-choicers have been telling us that for decades now.

But feminists will not support this motion.


Because then they'd have to agree with pro-life.

And that would be handing pro-life a political victory.

And they would rather not take a stand on a point of principle rather than look like they agree with pro-lifers.

They choose politics over principle.

Pro-lifers have always said that with abortion, politics matters more than principles.

And with this very basic motion, we're going to prove it.

Pro-lifers have found common ground for everyone to agree on.

And the feminists won't sign on for fear that we might look like we're right.

They don't want common ground. They want the legal vaccuum on abortion to continue, in spite of what women actually have to say on the matter.

Poll after poll has shown that most Canadian women want some restrictions on abortion. This motion doesn't even go that far.