Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Did anyone pick this up re: Hedy Fry and sex-selection abortion

Hedy Fry on sex-selection abortion:
“I don’t think [sex-selective abortion] is okay, but I also don’t think the state has a right intervening in this issue. It is a medical decision between the physician and the patient. It should be left there as all abortions should be,” Ms. Fry said.

I think she's talking out of both sides of her mouth.

On the one hand she says abortion is a medical decision.

On the other, she's not okay with sex-selection abortionm, but she will not condemn it because... abortion is a medical decision?

Everyone knows that sex-selection abortion is not a medical decision.

So why not admit as much? Why not condemn it as a sexist practice?

Because she fears the impact a vote would have on other types of abortions?

We've always known it in the pro-life camp: when it comes to feminists and abortion, politics matters way more than principle. Abortion must trump every principle, even feminism itself.