Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fredericton might test drive idea of women-only parking spots

Stephen Chase, a Fredericton city councillor and deputy mayor, wants to designate parking spaces for women in three municipal garages.

“It would foster a sense of safety, particularly for women, and particularly after dark,” Chase said Wednesday in a telephone interview.


Chase, noting no recent attacks have occurred in the garages, said it must now be determined if there’s a perceived threat. City council will decide if the idea is worth studying next month.

Another example of a government official trying to fix what ain't broke.

If women really feel that threatened about parking lots, are they not intelligent enough to take matters into their own hands?

If there were assaults every week, then something would need to be done. Something a lot more practical than women's parking spots: adding security cameras, having security guards patrol the premises, and maybe add some emergency alarms. If women are not clamouring for such measures, it's probably not that dangerous.

A rapist intent on grabbing a victim will work around women's parking spots. In fact, it might provide him with a target-rich environment.