Wednesday, November 07, 2012

This is EXACTLY What's Wrong with The Catholic Hierarchy

SoCon or Bust:

But I will concede this point to Fr. Rosica:  the fact that Michael Voris, a faithful Catholic with a muscular personality, is persona non grata among the Catholic hierarchy for his style, while Gregory Baum, a notorious dissenter and excommunicant, is given free rein in official Catholic venues like St. Paul’s University and Canada’s Catholic “Station of Hope” (making outrageous remarks and insinuations, by the way), tells you all you need to know about the state of the Catholic Church today.

It would indeed be a joyful day in Detroit, in all of America and in Canada, if the bishops of our countries were as vigilant in defending the name “Catholic” for our schools and hospitals,  not to mention the scandal of the pro-abort “Catholic” politician-fool who goes around calling himself a “devout Catholic” to a gullible electorate.   Indeed, would we not all be better for it, if all the bishops applied the same vigilant standard to the Church’s cultural and social institutions as  +Vigneron has done to Michael Voris’s comparatively miniscule encroachments of style. 

Time and again, faithful Catholics who submit to the Magisterium but who are a little too outspoken get the cold shoulder from the Church (when it's not outright rebuke) as is the case with the folks at LifeSiteNews.

But prelates like Fr. Raymond Gravel, who is an open dissenter, are protected and sometimes even praised.

Nobody ever steps on anyone's toes in this church, unless they belong to an orthodox Catholic. We're so kind and diplomatic to our Protestant brethren, but so blunt and mean to "fundamentalist" Catholics.