Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Here's an abortion euphemism if I've ever seen one

From an abstract:

Maternal mortality has declined considerably in Bangladesh over the past few decades. Some of that decline--though precisely how much cannot be quantified --is likely attributable to the country's menstrual regulation program,which allows women to establish nonpregnancy safely after a missed period and thus avoid recourse to unsafe abortion.

Gotta love the source:

Association for Prevention of Septic Abortion, Bangladesh

They don't try to dissuade women from having these abortions.  They just want to make sure that when women take human life, they do it in a hygenic fashion.

Check out the euphemisms:

"Menstrual regulation"

"Establish non-pregnancy"

Like it's all about making sure one's period is regular.

Pro-aborts cannot be upfront about what they're about. Ever.