Friday, November 02, 2012

Joyce Arthur is Being Sued

Joyce Arthur and the Pro-Choice Action Network (Pro-Can) are being sued by two Vancouver-area Crisis Pregnancy Centres.

 They claims defendants defamed them in a 2009 report, "Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in British Columbia."


  "A significant number of women choose to receive pregnancy information and support from the plaintiffs' Centres rather than, or in addition to, from doctors and abortion clinics," the complaint states. "There are various reasons for this - some women are (like the plaintiffs) pro-life in orientation; some women prefer to obtain information outside of a medical setting; others would like to hear about their other, 'non-medical' options such as adoption and parenting."

     According to the complaint, the report falsely accused the plaintiffs of using graphic imagery to "horrify young women about abortion," which amounts to "practically a form of terrorism."

 "While certain pro-life political advocacy organizations use graphics in their political and education campaigns, the plaintiffs restrict themselves to providing information to women in crisis pregnancies," the complaint states. "The only photos used at the plaintiffs' centres with their clients are those showing healthy fetuses at various stages of development in utero. No photos of aborted fetuses are shown or have ever been shown to pregnant women at either of the plaintiffs' centres."

     The plaintiffs say the report also falsely accused them of hiding their religious affiliation, even though their websites and other materials state that the crisis centres are run by the "Christian Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver" while members of their board of directors are include a pastor, a theologian and an archbishop.


It's about time someone called Joyce Arthur on her BS.

She and other pro-abortion militants think they can spew any BS they want with impunity. Often under the cover of anonymity.

This scoop brought to you by Run With Life.