Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Linda Gibbons' Christmas Letter from Prison

Dear Pro-Life Friends

Greetings in Christ our King. I’m praying this finds you and yours well and blessed this Christmas. It’s another Christmas in jail, another opportunity to thank you for your love, letters and faithful prayers (especially for those offered for my mom). Thanks so much ☺!

This session completes a decade behind jail walls courtesy of Corrections Canada and the courts. The system intends to change for the better those it holds. I do believe prison time has bettered me but not by its demand for obeisance to flawed injunctions but rather by the time it permits me to live among the women here. Such time has been a living lesson about what prison life is possible of becoming - a place where we can remain free to love and be loved in return. It reminds me of Richard Lovelace’s poem that begins “Stonewalls do not a prison make…”; indeed love is liberating.

A highlight of recent years is having the company of Mary Wagner alongside. Her walk of faith and testimony to life is a beacon of hope to tired hearts. Mary is much sought out by the other girls here and she’s ever attentive to their physical and spiritual needs.

This year both Mary and I received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for our pro-life work – medals that triggered the rancor of the liberal-left. Why so? Was it irrational for Stephen Woodworth to petition Parliament to look at who is in the womb and to enquire whether that someone requires a legal safe place to live? Evidently he believes we are created equal, not just born equal! Is it not rational to believe that human beings are living persons from conception and members of the species Homo sapiens? Medicine and science agree that the unborn are both living and members of the human family from the beginning. That being the case, the law should recognize that objective reality.

The Queen’s medals were not an untimely issue. They are a harbinger of a battle yet to be won and a pledge of the pro-life community to safeguard our unborn children until it can be said of their domain - freedom lives here.

Thank you again for your kind Christmas remembrance. May the joy of Christ’s coming fill your hearts and minds this holy season.

Christus regnat! Love in Our Christ King,
(Christ reigns!) Linda