Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Reporter Kicked Out of Attawapiskat After Being Threatened with Arrest

This is an outrage.

Chief Spence is acting like a dictator.

The press have a right to demand answers from politicians, including Indian politicians.

From the reporter's blog:

I was told I would be arrested for disrupting the peace and for trespassing. I asked to call our network’s lawyer and was allowed. At that point, the acting chief stormed out and slammed the door.

I quickly called my editors, too. We had quick decisions to make, we faced missing the next flight out of there, which was within the hour and at this point, we clearly weren't welcome.

How do you trespass in a hotel? How do you disturb the peace by doing a reporter's job?

This was obviously politically motivated.

And check out this little tidbit:

Just then I saw a familar face. Her name was Sharon. She was standing in front of the airport, she saw us get out of the cop car. I recognized her right away. She let us into her room at the shelter last year. It was cramped, she had three kids in there and cooked for them on a single burner. She allowed us to film her touring one of the modular homes that was delivered last winter and talked about her dreams of getting one.

I said, "Sharon, right. Do you remember me from last year?" She nodded that she did. "Did you end up getting one of the houses?" She saw the police, she saw the acting chief. She shook her head. There was that familiar feeling in the air again. This was the same girl who opened up her home to us last year, she introduced me to her partner and her kids. She was warm and welcoming.

"How's everything going now then ... is life any better since we last talked?" She was why we were back in Attawapiskat, it was people like her we were there to talk to. She shook her head “no” again and put her head down and tried to walk away.

I knew she couldn't talk. Everyone was watching. I didn't want her to get in trouble. She had to live here, I was clearly on the next plane out.

It's like freakin' Communist China: you don't speak your mind for fear of pissing off the government.

But hey, what do we know, we're just a bunch of racists.