Thursday, January 31, 2013

MPs Call on RCMP to Investigate 491 Documented Cases of Children Born Alive and Left to Die

The following letter was sent from Members of Parliament Leon Benoit, Wladyslaw Lizon, and Maurice Vellacott to the RCMP Commissioner on January 23, 2013:
Dear Commissioner Paulson,

Recent public reports have revealed the possibility of numerous breaches of the Criminal Code - to be specific, homicides - in Canada which need to be investigated.

These killings appear to have started out as attempted abortions, but the babies were born alive. At the blog, Run With Life, you will learn: "From 2000 to 2009 in Canada, there were 491 abortions, of 20 weeks gestation and greater, that resulted in live births. This means that the aborted child died after it was born.

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A child born live after an abortion is legally a person.

Watch the feminists oppose this investigation, even if legal persons are involved.

Who cares if babies have to die, as long as women exercise their "autonomy". Right feminists? Right.