Friday, January 11, 2013

Planned Parenthood Abandoning "Pro-Choice" Label

A fetus is a human being
They shunned "pro-abortion", now they're ditching "pro-choice".

They'll come up with something equally ambiguous, don't worry.

Kristin Hawkins said that her group wants to be "anti-abortion", as opposed to "pro-life".

Personally, I think we should go with "fetal rights".

Lots of pro-choice people are anti-abortion. In fact, that's one way pro-choice makes its case "you can be anti-abortion and pro-choice".

Our stance is not only about the morality of an act.

It's about the rights of all human beings.

You can't be pro-fetal rights and pro-choice. There is no ambiguity about that phrase.

Until the humanity and the equality of the unborn is recognized, our movement won't make a lot of headway.