Friday, January 11, 2013

Stats Point to Sex-Selection Abortion in the UK

As a result of the investigation, the Crown Prosecution Service is considering criminal charges against doctors in three cases.


There has been little official research on whether the practice is carried out in some of Britain’s immigrant communities. The Government said its new analysis was undertaken after the Council of Europe demanded statistics on the issue of whether more boys than girls are born to mothers of certain nationalities.

So let's see.

The UN has reported
that sex-selection abortion seems to be taking place in certain European countries.

The Council of Europe is demanding stats on sex ratios at birth.

The Dutch Parliament
passed what appears to be a completely uncontroversial motion condemning gendercide. I say uncontroversial because the only way I got wind of it was from the MP who presented the motion. I could not find any coverage of it in Dutch (although admittedly I don't read Dutch) which suggests that this did not present any problems.

And the UK may prosecute doctors engaging in sex-selection abortion.

But we, here, in Canada, can't even get together to make a statement of principle to condemn sex-selection abortion. Which does nothing to criminalize abortion.

But, hey, who cares if sex ratios are lop-sided and girl babies are destroyed? As long as abortion remains unquestioned in this country, that's the important thing. If it has negative consequences for somebody else, so be it.