Monday, February 11, 2013

I Will Miss You Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict XVI
I was in shock this morning as I turned on the TV and learned that the Pope is resigning.

I am blown away.

I absolutely love Pope Benedict XVI.

My first reaction was that I hoped he'd reconsider.

But on second thought, I guess he doesn't want to be a senile pope and leave the Church with a power vaccuum.

That's a very wise decision. I hope he is lucid enough to continue writing. The world needs this man.

I will not be publishing any mean comments about the Pope in this thread. I am in mourning. I just want to have positive and happy thoughts about the Pope today.

The political and apologetical crap can wait.

UPDATE at 1:09 pm : I have a ton of comments in the queue, and I'm busy, so please be patient.