Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who is This New Pope Francis?

I've read a lot of the same bios you have of Pope Francis I. Many with contradictory information (did he lose his lung in his childhood, or adolescence, or in the military? Was he born in India, Italy or Argentina? Etc. etc.)

I know about his simple lifestyle. I know about his firm position on culture war issues. I know he believes in a more equitable re-distribution of wealth.

But I feel like I don't know what he's all about.

With Benedict, I knew exactly who the Church was dealing with. I'd read his decisions from the CDF, and a number of interviews he had given.

Bergoglio? Who the heck is that? What's his agenda?

I read in a number of places that he was favourable to an Evangelization that reaches out to people.

Okay, sounds good. Did it work in Buenos Aires? Nobody ever seems to look for results.

With any number of cardinals, I could wrap my head about their inner core. Burke? Disciplinary badass. Dolan? Jovial, not always prudent but lovable and cares about the culture war. Ouellet? Quintessential Mr. Nice Guy.

I don't know Bergoglio. I only know what the media tell me, which is to say, not much. And I'll confess, it's a bit off-putting. Makes me wish I read Spanish well.

I'm sure I'll grow to love him. But I wish I could know him now.

And if you put a link in the comments to explain who he is, don't link to an article that has the same talking points that have been re-hashed in the MSM 1000 times.