Sunday, April 14, 2013

Argentine Catholic Priest Laicized for Supporting [BLESSING] Same-Sex Marriage --UPDATE


What do they put in the water down there and where can we get some?

Is this true? Was he really laïcized ONLY for supporting same-sex marriage?

Are clergy FINALLY being "fired" for opposing Catholic teaching?

Is the result of Pope Francis' doing?

Gotta love this priest's chutzpah:

[It] personally [does] not affect me at all, because I will continue sharing the sacraments as [before]. The faithful do not care about these official decisions.

Some of us, do, bud.

UPDATE: A commenter notes that it was not only his support of Same-sex marriage that led to his laicization, but his attempt at blessing same-sex unions.

 That makes more sense. A bit disappointing. I thought the Vatican was FINALLY cracking down. You know, before it got to the point of priests blessing same-sex marriage.