Sunday, April 14, 2013

Philly Journalist Testifies About What She Saw at the Gosnell Trial

From J.D. Mullane at

About the media coverage:
Several local news outlets were there, scattered about the mostly empty courtroom. The Philadelphia Inquirer had a reporter there. NBC10 sent a blogger for its website. The AP stopped in, but the reporter told me that resources are thin and trial coverage is not gavel to gavel.

An hour into afternoon testimony, Jon Hurdle of The New York Times showed up, and a few minutes later was gone.
About the media disinterest:

The lack of daily media coverage for the most sensational abortion trial angers pro-lifers who said there is a “media black out” on the Gosnell trial.

I asked one of the court staff why so few are interested.

If you’re pro-choice, do you really want anybody to know about this,” he said, motioning to the filthy medical equipment set up in the courtroom.

It’s a good point. As saturation coverage of the Sandy Hook elementary school coverage has caused Americans to reconsider the limits of the Second Amendment, saturation coverage of Kermit Gosnell’s clinic would likely cause the same reconsideration of abortion rights.

The details are that horrifying.

This trial is an obvious ratings grabber. That the majors news networks were slow to invest time in this story suggests to me that they have an agenda.
The evidence of the trial underlines the truth that abortion kills a human being.

It's a very uncomfortable truth.

As I'm typing this blogpost, the original blog by Mullane seems to have disappeared...