Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Catholic Bloggers Aren't Nice

Says Vox Cantoris [and beware he has music on his blog]:

We've been quiet too long.

If a bishop promotes homosexual civil-unions, he needs to be called out. If a rector allows a cathedral to be desecrated by a woman in the sanctuary performing and dressed for the nightclub, that will be announced.

They don't listen any other way.

They are clericalist and they are self-referential. Instead of being pastors they are functionaries.

Being nice friends, allowed sodomites in priests' clothing to ravage thousands of boys and perverts with longings for little girls wreak havoc on their lives. Being nice covered it up and did not speak of it and has cost billions of dollars of money that could have been spent on the poor.

Being nice and silent allowed our liturgy to be corrupted and torn apart, our churches desecrated and our patrimony besmirched.

Being nice and going along to get along allowed the faith to become irrelevant to society and has lead to the loss of souls.

If you want me to be nice, sorry friends, it's not going to happen.

When clergy complain of bloggers being mean, it reminds me of dysfunctional parents who tell off their kids for being angry at their dysfunctional habits. What's a kid supposed to do when their parents are into drugs: act like everything's okay? Not tell their parents "Mom, Dad, lay off the drugs!"?

If the parents invoke the fourth commandment at that point, they have a heck of a lot of gall, don't you think?

If you're nice with drug addicts, that's enables them because then they think there's nothing wrong. Or their problem isn't urgent.

Being in the Catholic Church is like being the children of drug addicts. You keep crying out: please stop. You scream, swear, act out hoping they get it. And they don't.

Then they wonder "what's the matter with you people!"