Monday, June 10, 2013

Today's Pro-Life Linkage

I'm a bit busy today so...

A blood test for Down Syndrome is turning out to be more reliable than traditional methods.

The research is led by Kypros Nicolaides, a name you should remember. He is known as the founder of maternal-fetal medicine.

Like many figures in fetal medical history, his contribution to their welfare is often ambiguous. His research has led to many improvements for the unborn, but also has contributed to many abortions, which he openly advocates. Michael Harrison, the father of fetal surgery, who operates out of UCSF, a notoriously pro-abortion centre, is another ambiguous figure. He saves fetal lives, but is also complicit in their destruction. Another figure, Stuart Campbell, the British inventor of 4D ultrasound, is another example. He is pro-abortion, but said that the UK's legal abortion limit should be reduced.

Even the venerable Ian Donald, the inventor of the ultrasound, used his invention to oppose legal abortion on demand in Britain, but also did abortions on the most hopeless cases.

We need some thoroughly pro-life fetal medical specialists, such as the father of Fetology, Sir Albert William Liley, who pioneered a maternal-fetal blood transfusion in 1963. With a Catholic colleague, Pat Dunn, this agnostic virtually founded the pro-life movement in New Zealand.

A hospital in Liverpool will market abortions to the Irish.

Macedonia restricts abortion. Now legal until the 10th week.

Botched Abortion Leaves Baby’s Head Inside Mother’s Womb, Lawsuit Filed

Abby Johnson's Group Has Helped 60 Workers Leave the Abortion Industry.