Saturday, July 27, 2013

For Once I Agree with Warren Kinsella: re: RoyalBaby

Warren Kinsella:

If so many folks were so opposed to the monarchy and its latest addition — if so many DID NOT CARE as much as they insisted they DID NOT CARE — well, then, why go to all the trouble of tweeting interminably about it? Why post something on Facebook? Why call a call-in show? Why bother?

Why, um, care?

In this way, crazed anti-monarchists remind us of crazed atheists.

They are more preoccupied with saying they dislike/disbelieve than those who actually do like/believe in God or Her Majesty or whatever.

I mean, honestly, if you don’t care, why don’t you — apologies in advance for this commoner’s phrase, your majesties — why don’t you STFU?

That is a singularly inappropriate acronym to deploy when in the presence of royalty, but it fits. If average folk, starved as they are for good news, would like to hear a bit of blathering about a royal baby, is anyone hurt?

Will our constitutional framework collapse?

Will it kill you to read about something nice, for a change?

It wouldn’t. Thus, my full tweet to the grumps and grouches:

“If you don’t care about the #RoyalBaby, don’t bother telling the rest of us you don’t care.

Because we couldn’t care less you don’t care.”

I had to post that because of what I'd written earlier.

When you rain on everyone's parade, especially when you do it ad nauseum for a political point, people don't want to listen to you any more.

And the man is right: if you don't care, then stop complaining.

So many people claim not to care about God, religion, politics, etc.

The more you complain about those things, the more you show you care.

Me, I don't complain about sports, fashion or celebrities.

Because I don't care.

That's how you show your indifference.