Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You don't have to use every baby to make a prolife statement

Kate Middleton, Prince William and their newborn
Simcha Fisher stole my thunder.

Because I had similar thoughts.

All over the Catholic facebook universe pro-lifers were putting out the message that "Kate Middleton is having a baby, not a fetus!"

And my objection isn't actually that this baby was "used" to make a political statement.

Look, he's our future Head of State. His existence is inherently political. It's fine to state what he is: a baby.

My objection was the way this was carried out.

This phenomenon makes me think of new Christians for whom everything is an excuse to talk about Jesus.

You're having trouble with your marriage? You need Jesus!

You 're having problems at work? You need Jesus!

You got a flat tire? You need Jesus!

Hey, I understand we need Jesus but...

Every problem is not an excuse to preach Jesus. 

Just like every baby is not an opportunity to talk about abortion.

Even though I love Jesus, I don't like to be smothered with talk of Jesus.

And even though I love babies, I don't like to be smothered with pro-life rhetoric.

Some people feel like if they're not preaching Jesus at every turn, they're not being loyal.

And I  guess some pro-lifers feel that if they're not talking about abortion at every turn, they're not furthering the cause.

But change of opinion doesn't come about by jumping on every minor opportunity. Quite the opposite. It can annoy the hell out of people.

You can really alienate people by taking something pleasant and innocent in itself, like the birth of a baby, and then killing it with rhetoric that is out of place.

Being a killjoy is a really good way to not have people listen to you.

To everything there is a season, and time to every purpose under heaven.