Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gay Pride is Dumb; Straight Pride is Dumber

Dear Disgruntled Cultural Conservatives:

Identity politics does not work for white, straight, male Christians.


Because identity politics is about oppressed minorities.

If you want to play the identity politics game, you have to have a legitimate claim to oppression.

If you are in any of the above-mentioned groups, you don't.

When you play identity politics, you are playing a leftist game.

You can't win at their game. It's like a Casino.Sometimes you hit the jackpot and think "oh, this really isn't rigged".

No, it is rigged. The jackpot gives you the illusion it isn't.

Leftist political games are rigged to make sure the left wins.

So don't play identity politics.

Has "white pride" done anything for white supremacy?


So why would "Straight pride"?

I think the number one thing to do to counter gay pride is have lots of kids.

Because gays can't have kids with each other.

That is the one thing they cannot be proud of.

They either have to pay to have a kid, or they have to sleep with an opposite-sexed partner.

Sure, they can parade their kids like you can.

But everyone knows that their sexuality never produced it.

This is what you look like when you play the leftist identity game and you have no claim to oppression:

Via: 5FF