Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Defeatism Gets You Nowhere

Oz Conservative speaks against what he calls nihilists, but who would be better labelled as defeatists".

If you survey those who have been anti-liberal over the past 150 years, you find a mood of settled despair that has many of the hallmarks of nihilism. One of the signs of this nihilism is a determination to find excuses not to act to shape the future but to find reasons, often very creative reasons, not to do anything but to stand on the sidelines as passive critics. There are many who seem to prefer this role of embittered "down talker" and who react with panic to those who take a more positive view.


It is unmanly to be weak. It is pointless for us to defend sex distinctions, i.e. the reality of the principles of masculinity and femininity, and then to rest content within an unmanly political culture. A man should have the courage of his convictions and be willing to act in a creative and positive way to shape society. A man should have the strength to act with faith in the future. [Especially those who believe in God, I might add!]

This is one point I hope is really taken to heart:
We should not accept any theories which give the initiative to others. Most conspiracy theories do this. They give all the power to organise society to some other group, with the role of the non-liberal right being to howl about it from the sidelines. Theories which attribute change to large impersonal unstoppable forces do the same thing.

The Freemasons. The Illuminati. The Bilderbergs. The Jews.

Stop with the non-sense.

Even if they did exist and were as powerful as they are said to be, they do not have an omnipotent power to control the culture.

These non-sense theories have been around for hundreds of years. The groups change, but the same idea holds: people who are super rich and super powerful are playing us like puppets behind the scenes, and only a very small group of true believers know about them, and if we raise consciousness about them, we can fight them and overthrow them.

It's non-sense.

It's like garden variety end-times crap. It's been spouted since God-knows-when.

It makes you feel really special to be among the chosen, the few, but it comes to nothing.

Nobody has ever changed anything fighting freemasons.

Instead of worrying about these boogymen, worry about what you can do in the here-and-now.

People who have nothing to do with freemasons or the Bilderbergs really do change history.

So the question is: will you remain impotent, or will you actually do something valuable?