Wednesday, August 14, 2013

She regretted her three abortions in four years... in spite of horrible morning sickness

This is the story of Suzanne Henke's four pregnancies.

For the first three, she suffered incredible agony because of a condition that causes continual morning sickness.

Then she met her husband Dion Henke.

Who wouldn't let her have an abortion.

I hated this baby for ruining my life. When 34 weeks pregnant she took drastic action. Suzanne said: I got a huge bottle of castor oil. I heard it could bring about an early labour.

I mixed it with cola and drank it in secret. I wasn't trying to kill the baby but I knew drinking it six weeks before my due date was a risk. I desperately wanted him out of my body.

Six hours later Suzanne was in agony and was taken to hospital near her home in Sutton Coldfield. Stephen was born weighing 4lbs.

She said: After the birth I looked at him so small and helpless and what I'd done hit me like a truck. I could have killed Stephen. I felt wicked.

Now he is a happy, healthy three-year-old. Suzanne said: I tell Stephen over and over how much I love him. I cant believe I didn't want to have him. He is my gorgeous little boy and the three of us are so happy.

If she wanted an abortion at 34 weeks, she should have had one! And if baby Stephen had to suffer and die, so what?

Right feminists? Right!

But here's my question: how come a hospital couldn't treat this? We can cure cancer, but we can't stop a woman from vomitting all day?