Monday, August 26, 2013

Military Intervention in Syria Would Be a Big Mistake

There is no point in military intervention.

There is no clear-cut good guy and clear-cut bad guy.

If we attack Assad, we're only helping the Islamists. We helped the Islamists in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya... When are we going to stop repeating the same stupid mistakes?

Nobody has a stomach for occupation and the necessary re-radicalization that would be necessary to make Syria a proper democracy.

If you're not going to finish the job,then don't start it!

If we went into Syria, we would have to clear the country of any significant Islamist opposition and then occupy the place while raising a generation of youth to reject Islamic radicalism and basically re-shape society the way we did in the post-war era in Germany.

Nobody wants to do that. So let's not go there.

Senator John Kerry said:
“This international norm cannot be violated without consequences,” he added.
Here's an idea. Capture those responsible. Haul them off to the International Criminal Court. We can captuer Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, but not these guys? Oh sure, it might take a decade, but it's far better then embroiling the United States in some useless conflict.