Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Fetal Pain Expert: Fetuses Feel Pain BEFORE Viability

Fetus at 19 weeks
Here's a medical professional who deals with fetuses.

He has seen fetuses react in pain. His job is to make sure they don't.

But you can be certain you will get, in response, an explanation of how it is physiologically impossible for a fetus to feel pain before 28 weeks in the face of testimony of those who actually study and deal with the issue.

Paschall’s experience butts up against another theory offered by fetal pain skeptics, who argue that the unborn fetus is immersed in a mix of fluids that chemically induce sleep, meaning that even if the brain wiring were in place, the fetus will still be oblivious. Paschall, obviously, doubts this.

“Anyone willing to make absolute statements regarding fetal, infant or adult neural development and processing is a brave person,” Paschall said, adding that “the complexities of the brain defy absolute explanation.

The truth is: we don't know a lot about the developing brain, especially the fetal brain.

We're only just beginning to learn what the unborn are capable of.

The only reason abortion supporters care about this issue is that it undermines their stance that abortion doesn't hurt anyone.

But even if it did, it wouldn't bother them. Their attitude boils down to: If an unborn child has to suffer and die in the name of women's empowerment, who cares?

If it costs a baby's pain and life, then that's what it costs.