Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Popes John Paul II, John XXIII to Be Canonized April 27th

Pope John Paul II
When asked by an official close to the Pope's inner circle whether a date had been set, Francis responded with a laugh and replied: "I can tell you now if you like! It will be April 27." [Note: Divine Mercy Sunday]


Pope John XXIII, who was pontiff from 1958 to 1963 and convened the Second Vatican Council, is also expected to be canonized on the same date.
The Vatican is expected to make an official announcement on Sept. 30 when a consistory of cardinals will formally approve the canonization date.
During a papal press conference on his return from Rio de Janeiro July 28, Pope Francis said both Popes will be canonized "together," but said it was unlikely the canonizations would take place during the autumn or winter as many Poles will be traveling to Rome for the ceremony by bus, and the road conditions could be bad.

I hope that news networks show this event live. I really think it's worth it.

I feel a great sense of pride and joy at the announcement at the canonization of Pope John Paul II. I so loved that pope!