Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Quebec Bishop Says: Support ProLife-- Oppose Euthanasia

Msgr. Luc Bouchard, Bishop of Trois-Rivières, Québec
From the News That Shouldn't Be News file:

Luc Bouchard, the bishop of Trois-Rivières, Quebec, called on the faithful of his diocese to support the right to life and oppose the proposal to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. (You can download the letter in French, here.)

I'm thrilled Bishop Bouchard has called for opposition towards euthanasia, but as it is often the case with bishops in Quebec, it's a matter of too little too late.

I can't exactly blame him, he's been bishop for a year-and-a-half.

Still, it's foolish to expect to mount a decent opposition six months before the proposed legislation. Catholic doctrine should be taught regularly, even if it is unpopular.

Especially if it is unpopular.

I noticed that the Diocese of Trois-Rivières website has been greatly improved. A number of dubious links have been removed, including the one to Femmes et Ministères, a pro-woman's ordination organization, which I complained about.

I guess this points to some improvement to the Quebec espicopacy since the elevation of Msgr. Marc Ouellet as head of the Congregation of Bishops. I still think there is some ways to go.