Saturday, September 14, 2013

Unborn Child Frozen for 19 Years Finally Delivered

I'd wanted to write a headline featuring the NASA Scientist who gave birth to this baby.

But really, the headline is not about her.

The headline is about the baby, whose development was put on hold for 19 years after he was put into a freezer.

See, while it's great that he wasn't sacrificed, embryo adoption complicates everything.

Won't it be awkward for the biological parents to look at their biological child? It's one thing to place a child for adoption when you have absolutely no capacity to raise the child, but when you're middle class and don't really have anything inhibiting you, won't that be weird? It seems to me that the child will wonder: how come you didn't try to give birth to me? Why did you leave me in a freezer? How come I wasn't worth it to you?

And don't give me the money excuse. They had enough money for the twins they did give birth to. When you care, you'll spend the money.