Friday, November 15, 2013

Call to Action: Federal Government's Pre-Budget Consultation Survey

Here are the questions on the survey:

1. How can the federal government help Canadians with the costs of living and raising a family?

2. What can the government do to ensure Canadians are obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary for the jobs of tomorrow?

3. What should be done to further help businesses grow and encourage the hiring of new employees?

4. How can we better streamline regulations and further reduce unnecessary costs that may be holding businesses back?

5. How can the government continue to support a stable environment in which investment and trade flourish?

6. Given the Government’s goal to return to balance by 2015, are there any areas where the federal government can find additional savings and better respect taxpayers’ dollars?

7. Are there any other comments you would like to make regarding the Government’s Economic Action Plan?

Where do you live?
Your age?
You are?
Education completed?
Approximate income?