Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Think the Tories are Trying to Woo Back Their Base

This column by Rick Bell about the Conservative policy convention is being circulated in Tory circles.

It appears to be an attempt to reassure the base.

This is all very well and good.

But if it isn't translated into some kind of policy advance for fetal rights, they're not going to win me over.

Harper says he doesn't want an abortion debate. Fine.

Then he can direct his team to work on minor policy advances that will make a lot of difference for pro-life supporters.

For instance:

* Direct CIHI to collect and publish accurate abortion figures for all provinces, including gestational ages.

* Re-define the definition of stillbirth so that those babies born dead from late-term abortion can be properly counted.

* Another simple gesture they could make is recognize March 25th as the International Day of the Unborn Child.

I think the last one would really energize pro-lifers without costing anything politically.

I did not do anything for the Conservatives in the last election because I feel they did not do anything for me as a pro-life activist.

If they want my active support, they will have to earn it.