Sunday, November 03, 2013

Paul Wells Gets to the Gist of Harper Hatred

David Akin quotes Paul Wells' new biography on Stephen Harper:

[T]oo many people in this country have spent too much time trying to ignore Harper, or to dismiss him, or, with varying degrees of ineptitude, to defeat him. He endures. I figure it is not too soon to try to understand hi[m] . . . Readers who still cannot bring themselves to believe he is the elected prime minister of this country not only misunderstand Stephen Harper. They also misunderstand Canada.

There's a certain political culture that is dominant in the Quebec City-Toronto axis.

They think they're sophisticated. They think they know everything.

But they don't.

They are completely oblivious to the concerns of people who work with their hands or take their hockey seriously. That Tim Horton's crowd.

Stephen Harper, or at least his handlers, know that crowd and know how to win them.

Liberals don't.