Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Abortion Staff Take the Stand at Mary Wagner's Trial

People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing:
Akoojee, who said the abortion centre “is a business,” charged Wagner was there to provide “misinformed information” and “enforce her religious beliefs.” In contrast, she said her abortion centre fosters “informed consent” through guidelines endorsed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. “It’s not a biology class … (patients) are well-informed on their own ... Embryology … is not the purpose of our counselling sessions ... We never, ever give a lesson on embryologyWe’re not there to teach anyone anything ... An abortion clinic doesn’t go through the stages of life.”

Do you think that embryology could have an impact on a woman's decision on abortion?

Do you think that, seeing the developmental stages of an embryo or fetus, she might have second thoughts?

If that is the case, shouldn't a woman be given this information?

"Patients are well-informed on their own". She has to know that's not true. Take any bodily process. There is widespread ignorance about the human body, especially among the youth.

I suspect that they don't want to be reminded of what they're doing.