Friday, January 24, 2014

Do ProLife Women NOT Want Control Over Their Own Bodies?

I think it's about time we put this claim to bed:

On the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, CNN’s senior legal analyst smeared the entire pro-life movement in saying on Wednesday’s AC360 Later, “They want women to have no control over their own bodies.”

What pro-life women doesn't want control over her body?

Are there prolife women out there canvassing for legal rape?

Are there prolife women who think that they shouldn't be allowed to have elective c-sections?

Are there prolife women who think that sexual behaviour should be illegal?

Are there prolife women who think that women should be jailed for provocative dress?

If you can find examples of this, they are on the fringe. The exception proves the rule.

Prolife women want control over their own bodies.

And prolife men want women to have control over their bodies.

But complete control-- of anything-- has never justified killing children.

Complete control has never justified eliminating all responsibility towards other people.

And the truth is,control over anything is never complete.

Feminists fear the lack of bodily autonomy, when their bodies are already subject to government regulations.

I don't see too many feminists raising their voices against the ban on trans fats.

"Bodily autonomy: is really an excuse.

Feminists want a certain result: They want to be able to have an abortion so they can have sex all they want, and not have to deal with babies.

That's what the fight over abortion is about, for them.

Bodily autonomy is the theoretical framework to justify this desire.

But if bodily autonomy as an argument is debunked, they'll just invent a new excuse.

And if that argument is debunked, feminists will invent another framework.

Because abortion is a matter of I want what I want when I want it.

Feminists genuinely think that the male world operates on that premise, and that it's not fair that women can't either.

Men can have sex all they want, and they have no responsibility.

They don't raise the kids. They often don't even pay for the kids. They can galavant about with all the women they want, they never get pregnant and they have nothing to worry about.

As if most men are so callous and unthinking that they just screw any woman and never care about her or the children she brings forth from their union.

As if men are not chased down for not paying child support.

As if men aren't looked down upon for not raising or supporting their children.

This is the fantasy world that feminists live in. This is what they use to justify abortion.

It's about time we denounce feminist delusions. They're total non-sense.

Nobody has complete control over their bodies, nobody has complete control over anything. Complete control is impossible and complete control does not justify killing children.